Legendaire flights don’t operate on a preset schedule or require you to book on to a readymade tour. We provide bespoke itineraries for our customers, based on their needs.




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Tell us where you want to go

Whether it’s FIFO workers travelling to regional WA, education staff arriving at their new school, urgent freight being transported to a remote location, or simply a group of friends looking for a unique trip by private plane, Legendaire can cater to your charter flight needs.

We sell per plane, not per seat, which means you enjoy the comfort and privacy of having the whole plane to yourself. It also means we only fly when you’re onboard and can be flexible with flight times.

Below you’ll find a price guide for some of the frequent destinations we fly to around Western Australia and beyond. The figures provided are the minimum total payment required for the charter flight.

We have two aircraft in our fleet and the prices below are calculated at the rate for our Cessna 210 carrying five passengers, at an average of 80 kilograms per passenger. The maximum amount of passengers to be carried will be decided by the total weight of all passengers combined and varies for each flight.

To receive a personalised quote for multi-stop or trips lasting longer than one day, please complete our booking enquiry form.

For one-way or same-day return flights, you can book easily online.


A Legendaire plane in the hangar waiting to be loaded with air cargo

Our fleet

Legendaire provides two plane options for your charter flight, depending on the destination, the number of passengers, the baggage required, and other factors. Both of our aircraft are fitted with luxurious leather seats and designed for optimum comfort

About Legendaire

Our aeroplanes stand out from the crowd for their comfort and efficiency and our pilots love nothing more than flying our clients and ensuring they have a second-to-none flying experience. Despite having a designer interior fit-out that provides a first-class travel feeling, our prices are highly competitive too.


Covid-19 management

Travelling by private charter means less risk of transmitting or becoming infected with Covid-19 but we’re still following strict protocols to ensure your health and safety at all times.

✔ Private check-in facilities
✔ You control who is on the aircraft (a whole aircraft, not just a seat)
✔ Avoid busy airports (use a dedicated lounge to check in)
✔ Schedule convenience
✔ Aircraft cleaning between flights

Legendaire plane with passenger door open and welcome mat


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