Our high-quality fleet of aircraft is cleaned meticulously between flights to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission.




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Types of charter planes

Legendaire provides two plane options for your charter flight, depending on the destination, the number of passengers, the baggage required, and other factors. Both of our aircraft are fitted with luxurious leather seats and designed for optimum comfort.

Whether it’s business, leisure, or transporting air cargo we can recommend the best plane and itinerary for you, or customise to suit your needs.

Cessna 210

Powerful high wing allowing great visibility of the Australian terrain.

Aircraft: Cessna 210M Centurion
Speed: 155 kt / 287 km/h
Seats: 5 passengers + 1 pilot
Max cruising altitude: 10,000ft

Cessna 210 plane on Rottnest Island runway
Interior of the Cessna 210 plane
Cessna 210 taking off
Cessna 210 in the hangar

Piper Navajo

Aircraft: Piper Navajo
Speed: 190 kt / 350 km/h
Payload: 500 Kg
Seats: 7 passengers + 1 pilot
Max cruising altitude: 10,000ft

Air-conditioned cabin with ample luggage compartment, including your golf clubs.
This charter plane includes an onboard bar, two meeting tables and an emergency toilet.

Piper Navajo with passenger door open
Piper Navajo mid-air
Interior of the Piper Navajo plane
Piper Navajo landing on the runway


A few of the destinations we fly to

Below you’ll see our most popular charter flight routes but we can arrive anywhere there’s an airfield. We frequently take government, mining, education, medical staff, and air cargo to regional areas of the state. Looking for leisure? Take one of our scenic flights and experience landing among the vines at a superior WA winery!

Legendaire range map and price guide
Legendaire pilots in the cockpit

Our pilots

Our pilots and management are all industry experts with 40 years of experience in aviation globally. Aviation is a passion for every single person working in Legendaire – we are very fortunate that we do what we love. When you fly Legendaire, you can interact with our pilots directly, even joining them in the cockpit!

About Legendaire

Our aeroplanes stand out from the crowd for their comfort and efficiency and our pilots love nothing more than flying our clients and ensuring they have a second-to-none flying experience. Despite having a designer interior fit-out that provides a first-class travel feeling, our prices are highly competitive too.


Covid-19 management

Travelling by private charter means less risk of transmitting or becoming infected with Covid-19 but we’re still following strict protocols to ensure your health and safety at all times.

✔ Private check-in facilities
✔ You control who is on the aircraft (a whole aircraft, not just a seat)
✔ Avoid busy airports (use a dedicated lounge to check in)
✔ Schedule convenience
✔ Aircraft cleaning between flights

Legendaire plane with passenger door open and welcome mat


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